SER June 2019

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SER June 2019 by Mind Map: SER June 2019

1. All pupils base-lined SRT/SRC

1.1. Purchased netbook for BC (nonverbal pupil) due to his reading and reading comprehension score being so high. Needs to be able to express himself but has difficulty with handwriting and is minimally verbal

1.2. Purchased Lesson Planner Book - Autism and Reading Comprehension to support reading for meaning as a result of 79% of readers having a higher reading age than comprehension age

1.3. Reading We have a total of 34/98 readers (≈35%), 26 boys (≈76%) and 8 girls (≈23%) which roughly in line with a school population of 81% boys and 19% girls, though girls are outperforming boys ‘marginally’. Reading ages range from 54 months (4 years 4 months) to 133 months (11 years 1 month). All pupils were base-lined this year, so there is no comparative data for reading ages. Reading Comprehension Reading comprehension scores range from 60 months (5 years – test basal) to 142 months (11 years 10 months). 79% of our readers have a higher reading age than reading comprehension age.

2. All pupils base-lined using Pupil Development Profile

2.1. These results will inform IEPs/Teacher's Planning/TiME pupil profils

3. B squared - adjustments made to amount of subjects being assessed against

3.1. Frees up time for more relevant assessment and focus on assessment for learning

4. Assessment For Learning

4.1. New Policy ratified

4.2. Resources purchased to assist teachers with visual reinforcement - 'high five', 'think again'.

5. IEPs

5.1. IEP Tracking

5.1.1. Re-designed and piloted new IEP Feb - May June 5th Staff meeting further adjustments could be made to improve relevance of targets for pupils and improve acheivement

6. Curriculum

6.1. evaluation

6.1.1. curriculum planning groups relaunch day website update rights respecting Sunshine Pupil Voice/School Council