Marketing Media & Communications Publication Web Social creative brief

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Marketing Media & Communications Publication Web Social creative brief by Mind Map: Marketing Media & Communications Publication Web Social creative brief

1. Essentials

1.1. Deadline date

1.1.1. Existing job Job id or Title Goes to job description uploads

1.2. New job

1.2.1. Cost centre Billing details GL Code

2. Job description uploads

2.1. Attachments - Approved

2.1.1. Yes

2.1.2. No

2.1.3. Uploads Images - Approved Yes No Uploads

2.2. Notes:

2.3. Document with details - Approved

2.3.1. Yes

2.3.2. No

2.3.3. Uploads

3. Job type

3.1. Publication

3.1.1. Print Delivery details for print jobs: Name of person receiving delivery: Email: Phone: Address, including campus location and room number: Size A4 Quantity required Orientation

3.1.2. Guidlines for Print

3.1.3. High resolution images for printing

3.1.4. Low resolution images for web

3.1.5. Email/EDM Audience exists CRM Maichimp Other Audience is new Upload users csv Internal SCU EDM external

3.2. SCU Web page

3.2.1. Campaign New Destination page exists - not live Current - is live Page edit details

3.2.2. Conference New Page details Current Edit details

3.2.3. NEW T4 SCU page

3.2.4. Existing T4 SCU page redesign major content updates small content updates Current Moderator/Contributer/contact email

3.3. Call To Action

3.3.1. Button or link text

3.3.2. Links to: social - links

3.3.3. Links to: Webpage url User registration/feedback required? yes no

3.4. Social

3.4.1. Instagram

3.4.2. Facebook

3.4.3. Twitter

3.4.4. Other

4. Submit

5. WEB/SOCIAL NOTE: Image sizes could be listed on the form - but best we receive source images For web based briefs - once a user chooses Web variant on this form - a download document could be offered with specs and examples of layout etc