Tessa Pike

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Tessa Pike by Mind Map: Tessa Pike

1. Hobbies/ Interests

1.1. Photography

1.2. Travelling

1.3. Learning

1.4. Finding new restaurants and cafes to eat at

1.5. Planes

2. Technology I use

2.1. Mobile phone

2.2. Computer

2.3. Camera

2.4. Ipads

2.5. Apps

2.6. Transport

3. What I think of technology

3.1. Engages students

3.2. Interactive

3.3. Makes learning and life fun

3.4. Modern

4. Life

4.1. I have worked fifo for the last five and a half years

4.2. I have a twin sister (also a teacher)

4.3. I grew up in a small country town but now I love in an outer city subrub

4.4. I like to go on adventures and explore abandoned places

4.5. I care about the environment and want to live a sustainable life as much as possible

5. What I want to learn from this unit

5.1. Learn more about certain technologies i.e. excel and coding

5.2. Explore both the advantages and disadvantages of technology

5.3. Investigate new apps that can support life and learning.