Itinerary Social Media

Itinerary Social Media

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Itinerary Social Media by Mind Map: Itinerary Social Media

1. Computer mediated tools

1.1. Technology in language teaching

1.1.1. Learnig Outcome:Awareness about the introduction of social media in education.

1.2. Implementing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the daily classroom.

2. Visual communities networks

2.1. Current vocabulary of social media.

2.1.1. Learnig Outcome: Getting familiar with the use of effective social media resources.

2.2. Word processors for creating materials.

3. Using generated content

3.1. The use of websites in the classroom.

3.1.1. Learnig Outcome:Handling of tools for social media and its uses.

3.2. Web teaching do’s and don’ts to follow in your class.

4. Web page technology

4.1. How to use email and its benefits.

4.1.1. Students are able to use the tools for effective teaching in the classroom.

4.2. The key pal project

5. Techno cell

5.1. Producing electronic materials.

5.1.1. Management of social media for the new era of technological students in class.

5.2. The future online learning with cell.