Release 9.5 Test Plan

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Release 9.5 Test Plan by Mind Map: Release 9.5 Test Plan

1. Development Timeline

1.1. Development Start Date 12/08/2019

1.2. Development End Date 02/09/2019

1.3. Stabilisation Timeline 03/09/2019 - 13/09/2019

1.4. Release Sign Off: 16/09/2019

2. Environment

2.1. Snomed Disabled Environment : Release TD 6

2.2. Snomed Enabled Environment : Release TD 5

3. Risk

3.1. MKB Release timelines towards the end of Release stabilisation could impact testing sign off

3.2. Spine Environment end points

3.2.1. Would ready before Stabilization starts

3.3. Release TD Down

4. Projects to be merged

4.1. Patient Information Maintenance ___________________________________ PFS Pod - UK

4.1.1. Email verification Backend of new API calls Verification code in Registration Concepts and Protocols

4.1.2. Regression

4.2. Analyse Rx _______________ Adam Buglass / Tim Shaw

4.2.1. Features DAPI Index Manager Config Manager

4.2.2. Regression ScriptSwitch Old AnalyseRx functionality Portal SDK Audit

4.3. Microsoft SQL 2016 _____________________ Mick Small

4.3.1. Features Feature 1 Feature 2

4.3.2. impact areas in emisweb

4.3.3. impact areas in emisweb

4.3.4. Regression

4.4. CCMH Enhancements ____________________ CCMH Pod - Chennai

4.4.1. PDS in Patient Administration

4.4.2. New Complete option in V&I Session Data Page

4.4.3. GP ITF Referrals Enhancements Inclusion of Treatment Function code field in services, Service persons and organisation Updated the speciality codes in Org config Capture of TFC changes in Audit Trails

4.4.4. Inclusion of EMIS Number in Record Access Audit Trails

4.4.5. Edit option for Read version of Care plan filter should be disabled in SNOMED enabled site

4.4.6. Regression Patient Trace and Patient Find in PA V&I Run Record Access Audit Trails Org Config Add/Edit Service, Service person, Teams, Users & Edit Organisation Audit Trails for Organisation Snomed and Read version of Care plan filter

4.5. Transaction IM Project Jan Team A

4.5.1. Addition of a new GetActiveUsers call

4.5.2. Regression Testing of other Transaction IM calls

5. Service Work Items

5.1. Care Record

5.1.1. CCMH POD 22885 : Crash when deleting a blood pressure reading recorded through a care plan goal action 32993 : KD error occurs when selecting 'delete' target within Care Plans 33730 : Unable to remove family/relationship links that are associated with a Care Plan. 11824 : Code '62x4' does not trigger the option for 'premature adjustments' when added through a registration due to the units used. 38910 : View definitions of Read Care plan filter on a SNOMED CT system (non RP)

5.1.2. CCN POD 34713 : NullReferenceException is thrown when KIS Template is invoked with home screen changes cancelled

5.1.3. CR Snomed POD 40147 : SNOMED only codes are not been included/excluded by Care Record Sharing Rulesets on ReadV2 sites 7503 : Referral document showing the word 'false' within the content whilst sitting in Pending UBRN 31642 : Conflict message showing when accessing Recall Schedules

5.1.4. Regression _______________ Snomed Pod Targetted Regression Areas _________________________ Suite to be reviewed by : Senthil, Suhil Appoinments Registration Key Information Summary - NI Snomed and Read version of Care plan filter ERS Automated Regression __________________________ Senthil Care Plan -21 Care Record Common - 19 Consultation - 19 Problems - 4 Documents - 6

5.2. Appointments

5.2.1. Customer First Chennai POD 32266 - DNA appointments logged incorrectly against the wrong date.

5.2.2. Regression _______________________ Project Jan Team A - Banupriya Targeted Regression _________________________ Suite to be reviewed by: Banupriya Appointments Check the mouse cursor while doing regression Automated Regression _________________________ Jeevakumar Enterprise & Cross Org - 12 tests Appointment Book - 74 tests

5.3. GP2GP

5.3.1. 31463 - 'UQ_Prescribing_IssueRecord_GUID_PatientId' GP2GP message appears.

5.3.2. 32080 - GP2GP: Unable to view an 'Event Degrade' tasks when they contain a problem that has been deleted.

5.3.3. 32256 - GP2GP record failing to file into the system

5.3.4. Regression ____________ Snomed Pod Regular Regression Suite _____________ Suhail

5.4. MKB

5.4.1. Regression ____________ Snomed Pod Regular Regression _____________________

5.5. GP Connect

5.5.1. Regression ____________ GP Connect Pod Regular Regression Suite ______________________________ Suite to be reviewed by : GP Connect Pod Automated Regression ________________________ GP Connect POD

5.5.2. 7623: Partner API increase in Deadletters

5.6. CCMH

5.6.1. Regression ____________ CCMH Pod Chennai - Praveenkumar S Targeted Regression Areas ______________________________ Suite to be reviewed by : Praveenkumar S Patient Trace and Patient Find in PA V&I Run Record Access Audit Trails

5.6.2. 7544 : On selecting a folder and creating a recall schedule targeting a different folder, does not refresh the target folder.

5.7. Search and Reports

5.7.1. Regression _____________________________________ Data Pod Chennai - SnR - Satheesh Targetted Regression _________________________ Satheesh Population Reporting - Add Enterprise Folder Search/Reports with professional contacts Automated Regression __________________________ Vignesh Babu Folders List Reports Appointment Reporting Aggregate Report Searches List of Patients

5.7.2. 7500 - List report only returning Professional Contact ID and not the details of the actual Professional Contact.

5.7.3. 7557 - Provision to identify the Patient using the reference number in the population reporting module

5.7.4. 7577 - EMIS Web produces a KD error when editing a search.

5.7.5. 22895 - Excluded results are not visible in select parent search popup in enterprise reports.

5.7.6. 41127 - Getting crash when click organisation name in definition tab

5.8. Template Manager, Concepts Manager and Resource Publication

5.8.1. Customer First Chennai 7514 - It is not possible to search for archived resources within archived folders on Resource Publisher. 35102 - EMIS Web is unable to contact the resource publisher servers causing errors throughout the system 35393 - In RP have to show warning instead of crash message when there is no local cache.

5.8.2. Scotland POD 23053-Cannot search for code lists while creating or editing a rule based concept 23086 - Manage triggers in resource publisher is not displaying full drug name 23153 -Concept with EffectiveDate cannot be imported

5.8.3. PJ Team A POD 31908 - EMIS Mobile enabled templates can still be seen on a device after being deactivated in EMIS Web 7349 - Protocols with add code node synced from the library look like they can be edited on the receiving org 7367 - Truncate read code text on the Add diary entry decision node 39830 : Tooltip fails to show the Full text of a truncated text in some of the action nodes of a Protocol during View and Test run of a Protocol.

5.8.4. Regression ______________ Scotland Pod Chennai - Karthick / Vikram Targeted Regression Areas ______________________________ Suite to be reviewed by : Hemalatha Yuvaraj Template Manager Check the mouse cursor while doing regression Concept code list, Diary Rule based concept Triggers Automated Regression ________________________ Karthick Resource Management And Design

5.8.5. Qtools Regression ____________________ PFS Pod - Frances

5.9. GPES

5.9.1. Regression ________________ Data Pod Chennai - GPES - Sindhuja Targeted Regression Areas ______________________________ Suite to be reviewed by : Sindhuja

5.10. Extracts

5.10.1. Regression ____________ Extracts Pod Chennai - KrishnaRaj Regular Regression Areas ______________________________ Suite to be reviewed by : KrishnaRaj

5.11. Medication and Dispensing

5.11.1. Customer First Chennai POD 7365 - 'Drug History' option is Enabled in Context menu after selecting more than one drug from medication screen

5.11.2. Regression ________________ S3 Documents / Auth Pod Targeted Regression Areas ______________________________ Suite to be reviewed by : Varshini EPS Workflow Prescription printing Medication Check the mouse cursor while doing regression Automated Regression Areas ______________________________ Mithun Medication Dispensing

5.11.3. Clinical documents team/Auth 32351-Mouse pointer / cursor disappears when typing in the Add Drug window in EMIS Web. 31917-When accepting PDS changes within a workflow task for a patient, the EPS options do not show 7506-Unable to delete potential EPS token within prescription printing module 41267-S3 Docs failure to decompress when retrieving from sql 7589-Excessive CPU of CabProvider.GetCabSlotsForSlotIds

5.12. EMIS Mobile

5.12.1. PJ Team A POD 35000 -Clinical version number not get incremented when we change the “Access grace period” 35003 - API is not supporting to send date and time for inactive/deceased consent reason 35641 - Mobile API - send patient number for unplanned patients in the API 36141 - Mobile API - send patient number for unplanned patients in the API

5.12.2. Mobile Pod 40139 - 'Patient not found' error when trying to access a patients record on EMIS Mobile 40900 - 'Patient Data did not download successfully' sync error when syncing a patient that has a patient warning that triggers in lab reports workflow 38591 - GP Organisation details to Community organisations 35527 - Mobile API - enhance the mobile AI to show a flag 'isBloodPressure' to indicate if a value code is BP code or not 35709 - Mobile API - Need to send the 'Not known' value in the investigation code to show the investigation code in the Mobile device

5.12.3. Regression ______________ Mobile Pod Chennai - Vijay Kumar Targeted Regression Areas ______________________________ Suite to be reviewed by : Vijay Kumar

5.13. App Config

5.13.1. Regression _________________________ Project Jan Team A Chennai - Senthil Targeted Regression Areas ______________________________ Suite to be reviewed by : Hemalatha Org Config Automated Regression Areas ______________________________ Mithun

5.14. PFS

5.14.1. Regression _________________ S3 Documents / Auth Pod - Frances White API Regression 7501 - An email is sent to the proxy user when a service is ticked in the online user module but legal basis is not provided, therefore service access is not granted 7554 - ID verification from Archived Online User account showing when adding new online user

5.15. Application Framework

5.15.1. PJ Team A POD 14653 : RSS feed failing to load since the ECR tracker has been taken offline.

5.15.2. Regression _________________________ Project Jan Team A Chennai - Senthil Targeted Regression Areas ______________________________ Suite to be reviewed by : Senthil

5.16. Registration

5.16.1. CCMH Pod 32877 : Trying to resync a patient with Spine causes EMIS Web to crash

5.16.2. Customer First Chennai POD 21468 : KD error when attempting to edit Urgent and Emergency Care patients registrations.

5.16.3. Scotland Pod 7591 : Duplicate residential institute names under the same trading partner are not saved correctly to a patient

5.16.4. PJ Team A 7472 : Patient that has the same Forename and Surname do not appear within Patient Find.

5.16.5. Regression ____________________________ CCN & UDE Pod Chennai Targeted Regression Areas _______________________________ Suite to be reviewed by : Kannan Automated Regression _____________________________ PraveenKumar Siva Vadivel Add Patient - 12 Confidentiality - 5 Carers - 7 Registration Workflow

5.17. Documents and Workflow

5.17.1. Regression Targetted Regression Areas _________________________ Suite to be reviewed by : Karthick Workflow Manager Tasks Automated Regression __________________________ Jeevakumar Workflow V1

5.17.2. Customer First Chennai POD 32571 - Interchanges constantly trying to be resent due to 'false' errors within EMIS Web.

6. Backward Compatibility

6.1. General Release Version : 9.0.6

6.2. Community Release Version : 9.0.6 8.2.7