Elvis Elvis Found

Found in order to help

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Elvis Elvis Found by Mind Map: Elvis Elvis Found

1. Goal

1.1. Help Lithuanian Children who are living without parents

1.2. Why

1.2.1. Sad when Children loose parents or when children are taken away from their parents

1.2.2. To bring more equality

1.2.3. To make the school system better

1.2.4. Fix logopedi problems

1.2.5. To help children who do not have parents

1.2.6. Iceland Baltic connection - History

1.2.7. To make children more happy

1.2.8. To make it possible for children to have more time with their parents

1.2.9. To make up for the lost of my father

1.2.10. To honour God and my believe in him

1.2.11. Help for Icelandic Children