GCMx Event - Process

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GCMx Event - Process by Mind Map: GCMx Event - Process

1. Step 1: Review brochure about the event

1.1. What is GCMx?

1.2. What are its objectives?

1.3. What are the steps to do it?

1.4. What is the program schedule?

1.5. How will GCM support me?

1.5.1. Program schedule

1.5.2. Materials

1.5.3. CAP grants

1.5.4. Promotion

1.6. Tips to find a location

1.7. Tips to promote the event

1.8. Language and accessibility

2. Step 2: Apply to host a GCMx event

2.1. Personal/contact info

2.2. Location and dates for the event

2.3. Expected number of attendees and expected audience profile

2.4. Other partners involved

2.5. Budget

2.6. Language

2.7. Possibility to print out materials; availability of projector/tables/chairs/others

3. Step 3: Wait to be contacted by the GCM team and schedule a meeting

3.1. No more than 7 days

3.2. Meeting to go over the event requirements, what is allows/not allowed, program, logistics, materials, possible adaptations (if needed), and further support

3.3. Receive a GCMx License, a GCMx Manual and a GCMx Branding Guide with customized logos, the colors and fonts

4. Step 4: Adapt content based on your context and work out the event logistics

4.1. Adaptations could be based on: audience profile, audience language, number of attendees, location, event times

4.2. Transportation for attendees

4.3. Guest speakers (if applicable)

4.4. Accessibility

4.5. Coffee breaks

4.6. Materials

4.7. Venue reservation

5. Step 5: (If applicable) Apply for funding

5.1. GCM CAP grants

5.2. Other grants/funding sources

6. Step 6: Promote it

6.1. Facebook event

6.2. Social media template posts

6.3. Press release template

6.4. Registration form template

7. Step 7: Do it!