Why some countries are rich and others poor?

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Why some countries are rich and others poor? by Mind Map: Why some countries are rich and others poor?


1.1. Poverty is in proprtion to corruption

1.1.1. Corruption causes countries not able to collect taxes to build institutions

1.1.2. Can't invest in police, education, health, and transport

1.2. Rich countries have good ones, poor countries have bad ones

1.3. Clan-based thinking

1.3.1. A form of corruption

1.3.2. Biased because you choose people on the same 'team' as you

1.3.3. Doesn't allow countries to have access to the whole intelligence of the population


2.1. Religion is inversely proportional to wealth

2.1.1. Poor countries statistically have the most believers

2.2. Idea that here and now can't be improved

2.2.1. Think about life spiritually

2.2.2. Look forward to the 'next world' and afterlife

2.3. Rich countries

2.3.1. People think they have the capacity to alter their own destiny

2.4. United States is anomaly

2.4.1. Rich country, but high religious population

2.4.2. It's its own religion

2.4.3. Protestant and materialistic


3.1. Poorer countries tend to be in the tropical regions, as it is generally more tougher to survive

3.2. Agriculture

3.2.1. Tropical climate difficult for photosynthesis

3.2.2. Tropical plants have less carbohydrates

3.2.3. Worse soil

3.2.4. Large domesticated animals Tsetse flies devestate population Make animals inactive and sleepy Hinders technological development and agricultural production

3.3. Diseases

3.3.1. Tropical areas are more concentrated in diseases

3.3.2. Ebola, tuberculosis, e-coli

3.3.3. 100% of low income countries are affected by five diseases simultaneously

3.4. Transport

3.4.1. Not connected to other countries

3.4.2. Landlocked (land all around the country)

3.5. Natural resources

3.5.1. Such as oil

3.5.2. Are intensifiers Makes countries with good institutions richer but countries with poor institutions poorer and more corrupt 'Resource trap' Elites are able to grab these resources without cooperation of the whole society