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1. To reduce road haulage and hep aid with transferring cargo

1.1. To make the process more pleasant for hauliers by setting up stalls, adding refreshments in lorry zones etc.

1.2. To reduce bottlenecks

2. Cost

2.1. How much money has Brexit cost the UK?

2.2. Value of pound decreasing?

2.3. Pro-Brexit campaigners point to the money that would be saved if Britain was no longer contributing to the EU budget (£13b was contributed last year, against the £4.5b spent on the UK by the EU).

2.4. The government has projected that in 15 years, the country’s economy will be anywhere from 4 percent to 9 percent smaller under Brexit than it would inside the bloc, depending on how it leaves.

3. Environment

3.1. As the UK prepares to leave the European Union (EU), the future of agriculture is high on the political agenda. Since the EU Referendum result, the UK Government has repeatedly promised a ‘Green Brexit’, whereby the UK would learn from the mistakes of the CAP and replace it with policies putting the ‘environment first’.

3.2. 1. Re-thinking agriculture is not just about agricultural policy. It requires changes to training, land-use rights, education, trade arrangements, consumption patterns and the entire supply chain (acknowledging that primary producers are often the weakest link in that chain).

3.3. This is also an issue because trade is an important issue related to Brexit

4. Aesthetic

4.1. Refreshments and stalls/ whatever else needed for hauliers is provided

4.2. These stalls would be brightly coloured, to represent the future of the country

4.3. the app could colour code the different types of cargo/freight and create virtual (online) queues so that the lorries know where to go. the areas of drop-off would be colour coded in accordance.

4.4. How Britain Voted in the E.U. Referendum

5. Customer

5.1. How Brexit affects the everyday person

5.2. Impact on travel and tourism

5.3. Trade

5.3.1. Europe is Britain’s most important export market and its biggest source of foreign investment, and membership in the bloc has helped London cement its position as a global financial center. An announcement, or at least a threat, from a major business to leave Britain because of Brexit is a regular occurrence. The list of companies that are thinking about relocating includes Airbus, which employs 14,000 people and supports more than 100,000 other jobs.

6. Function

6.1. z

7. Safety

7.1. Brexit - HSE

8. Size

8.1. Global Access for the app and local access to lorry zones

9. Materials and Manufacture

9.1. Online system for road haulage

9.2. Refreshments and stalls/ whatever else needed for hauliers is provided