Roopkund Lake Mystery

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Roopkund Lake Mystery by Mind Map: Roopkund Lake Mystery

1. Nowdays

1.1. Roopkund skeletons contain another group of 14 victims who died there a thousand years later

1.2. There were 23 people with south Asian ancestry but they died during one or several events between the 7th and 10th centuries A.D.

2. In the early 2000s

2.1. DNA studies had suggested that the people who died at Roopkund were of South Asian ancestry

2.1.1. They also said that they all died in a single event

3. A “ghastly scene”

3.1. For decades, people have tried to figure out who the men and women at Roopkund were and when they died.

3.2. They found signs of Mediterranean ancestry that was a big surprise

3.3. Looks like another expedition will visit the lake to study artifacts associated with the skeletons