Mahatma Gandhi

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Mahatma Gandhi by Mind Map: Mahatma Gandhi

1. Childhood: when Gandhi was born to his Mother who was The forth Wife of Karamchand Uttamchand Gandhi showed young Gandhi lots of love and taught him religious things like not to eat meat or drink alcohol or steal.

2. Born on 2 October 1869

3. Real name: mohandas Karamchand gandhi

4. When young, Gandhi stole money and ate meat. His father didn’t scold him he just sat down and started crying when he heard the news from his neighbour. Gandhi realised his mistake and he was very sorry and did everything he could to make up for his mistakes.

5. Assassinator: Nathuram Godse

6. Epitaph: Hey Ram

7. Personality: INFJ, a very rare personality type and today only 1% of the worlds population has INFJ personality. INFJ stands for

8. He joined a vegetarian movement while he was in England

9. He soon passed school at England and became barrister which is a Middle English term made from the words bar and minister.

10. Gandhi didn’t like how high the taxes were for salt imported from England so he went to a lake and made his own salt, many of his followers followed him to the lake to make there own salt to.

11. He also organised a quit India Movement which was a massive protest for British to withdraw from India.

12. In South Africa he learned that people weren’t treated fairly and that whites got the privileges while blacks were treated like slaves.

13. When he came back from Africa he had a good reputation and the leader of the congress asked him to join the congress

14. In 1820 Gandhi Organised a non cooperation movement where a lot of his followers and he disobeyed the british rules and did things they were not allowed to do like enter white only places or walk on white only sidewalks.Many people were put in jail.

15. India got independence after many more protests and marches But then the muslims wanted there own country but Gandhi was very upset about this as he believed in religion equality and wanted India to be a place where a person no matter what religion, Color or race could come and live together.Half a million people were killed and 14 million Hindus, muslims and sikhs were displaced. Gandhi went to Calcutta were the main Hindu-Muslim riots were taking place and he tried to stop them and was successful but more riots were triggering everywhere.