Social Networks

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Social Networks by Mind Map: Social Networks

1. A social network is a social structure composed of a set of users that are related according to some criteria.

2. Advantages

2.1. • They allow to create communities. • They facilitate relationships. • Be informed in real time. • They help with the training. • They allow instant communication. • help with training.

3. Disadvantages

3.1. • Less privacy • Relationship is lost in the physical environment. • Facilitate cases of cyberacoso. • False information. • Lying on social networks. • They waste time.

4. most common social networks

4.1. 1. YouTube. 2. Facebook. 3. WhatsApp. 4. Messenger. 5. Instagram. 6. Tumblr. 7. Twitter. 8. Snapchat. 9. Kakaotalk 10. Google+.

5. Characteristics of social networks

5.1. They are based on the user:

5.1.1. Social networks are built and directed by the same users, who also nurture them with the content.

5.2. They are Interactive:

5.2.1. Social networks also have a set of chat rooms and forums, a series of applications based on a network of games, as a way to connect and have fun with friends.

5.3. It is offers a variety of services:

5.3.1. Exchange of information, photographs, telephone services, games, chat, forums.

5.4. They establish relationships:

5.4.1. Social networks not only allow you to discover new friends based on interests, but also allow you to reconnect with old friends with whom you have lost contact for many years.

6. Impact on the form of communication

6.1. Communication through social networks is broader since they use it as a hobby because it is very simple creating a convergent space in which we express our knowledge, feelings, emotions, among others.

7. Evolution

7.1. Social networks have their beginnings in mid-1995, when Randy Conrads creates the website. This allows people to recover or maintain contact with former classmates from school, institute, university, work, among others.