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Academic writing by Mind Map: Academic writing

1. Academic essay

1.1. Piece of writing about one specific topic.

1.1.1. Introductory paragraph.

1.1.2. Development/explanation of the first point, second point, third point, and so on.

1.1.3. Concluding paragraph.

1.2. Objective, precise and impersonal.

2. It is formal

2.1. You should avoid

2.1.1. Abreviations

2.1.2. Colloquial words and expresions

2.1.3. Asking questions

3. Presicion

3.1. Being precise when using information, dates or figures.

4. objectivity

4.1. The main emphasis should be on the information that you want to give

5. Responsibility

5.1. You must be able to provide evidence and justification for any claims.

6. Plagiarism

6.1. When you make off with another person's ideas.

6.1.1. You must cite your sources in order to give the author credit for the ideas.

7. Quotation

7.1. If you use he author's exact words, enclose them in quotation marks.

7.2. Use your own words to summarize or pharaprase.

8. Recording key ideas

8.1. Paraphrase

8.1.1. Is writing the ideas of another person in your own words.

8.2. Summarizing

8.2.1. Is a shortened version of a text that contains the main points

8.2.2. Writen in your own words.

8.3. Synthesis

8.3.1. Is a combination of several texts made into one.

8.3.2. It contains the main points of the text written in your own words.

8.4. Making notes

9. Writing the essay

9.1. Outline

9.2. Paragraph

9.3. Topic sentence

9.4. Develop the idea

9.5. Conclusion