Hierarchy of needs theory (Abraham Maslow)

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Hierarchy of needs theory (Abraham Maslow) by Mind Map: Hierarchy of needs theory (Abraham Maslow)

1. Psychological

1.1. All the basic need that a human being has

1.1.1. Hunger

1.1.2. Sex

1.1.3. Thirst

1.1.4. Shelter

2. Safety-security

2.1. Security and protection against physical and emotional damage.

3. Social-belongingness

3.1. A person feels accepted in the society, makes personal relationships and feels that he/she belongs in there

4. Esteem

4.1. Internal factors

4.1.1. How the person recognize it self

4.1.2. How autonomus is the person

4.1.3. The self-respect that a person has

4.2. External factors

4.2.1. Everything that is in the environment that gives a person a name status Recognition Attention

5. Self-actualization

5.1. Includes growth, the achievement of our potential and personal fulfillment.

6. If you want to motivate someone, you must understand what level of the hierarchy that person is currently in and focus on meeting the needs at that level or above that level.

7. This hierarchy identifies five categories of needs and considers an ascending hierarchical order according to their importance for survival and the ability to motivate

8. Reference: McLeod, S. (2007). Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Simply psychology, 1.