Causes and events that lead to Sectional Tension

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Causes and events that lead to Sectional Tension by Mind Map: Causes and events that lead to Sectional Tension

1. Homestead act

1.1. Influence Settlers to move to the west for vasts of land.

1.1.1. Some settlers were wealthy because of the new findings of gold

1.2. Claimed the all the land was free

1.3. Helped expand the U.S. in new Areas in North America.

2. Manifest Destiny

2.1. Conflicts with Indians

2.1.1. Battle of the little Big horn

2.1.2. Trail of tears

2.1.3. Wounded Knee Massacure

2.1.4. Indian Removal Act

2.2. Conflicts with Mexico

2.2.1. Settling in there land

2.2.2. Texas declare independence

2.2.3. U.S. settles in other Mexican regions

3. Treaty of Guadlupe Hidago

3.1. Ended Mexican American war

3.2. Mexico took 1.36 million square kilometer of its territory to the United States for $15 million US dollars.

3.3. The U.S, took present day Colorado, Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and New Mexico

4. Wilmont Proviso

4.1. A proposal to prohibate slavery in Mexican territory after the Mexican-American war.

4.2. This proposal was unsuccessful because it was declined by Congress.

4.3. The Wilmont proviso caused tension with the North and South over the issue of the power of Congress.