Causes and Events of Sectional Tension

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Causes and Events of Sectional Tension by Mind Map: Causes and Events of Sectional Tension

1. Slavery

1.1. This made the South become fearful that they might lose slavery due to the North

1.2. Many Northerners wanted slavery to be abolished throughout the whole United States

1.3. The South relied on slavery for their labor but many Northerners believed that this was evil

2. Rights of The States

2.1. There was arguments about how much power the states had and how much power the Federal government had

2.2. The Southern states felt like the Federal government was taking away their power

2.3. This obviously made the South angry as this was not happening to any Northern states

3. Wilmot Proviso

3.1. The Proviso also caused a debate about the delicate of slave and free states

3.2. The Proviso created a massive debate between the South and the North about equal land

3.3. This was a huge part in creating the Civil War as the South and the North could not find an agreement

4. Abraham Lincoln

4.1. When Lincoln was elected, this was the third strike for many Southerners

4.2. Since Lincoln was the leader of the newly formed Republican party, the Southerners felt that Lincoln was completely against slavery

4.3. The Southerners felt like they had the right to leave, so Southern states left the States and formed the Confederate country