Teaching Facts and Opinions

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Teaching Facts and Opinions by Mind Map: Teaching Facts and Opinions

1. Know

1.1. The characteristics of facts and opinions

1.2. That both of them can be used together in the process of communication

1.3. When we need to use facts and when to use opinions in particular contexts

2. Understand

2.1. The difference between facts and opinions

2.2. The use of facts and opinions to communicate your ideas

2.3. How facts and opinions are used in the media

2.4. The misconceptions around facts and opinions

2.5. How facts and opinions can be confused and the possible consequence of this

3. Do

3.1. Read a news article

3.2. Explore and investigate

3.3. Identify facts and opinions

3.4. Research

3.5. Provide evidence to support your identification

3.6. Write your own news article

3.7. Identify the need of when to use facts and opinions

4. Be

4.1. More aware

4.2. Critical thinkers

4.3. Better communicators

4.4. Responsible citizens