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ITSM Conference by Mind Map: ITSM Conference

1. Conference Topics

1.1. New ITSM Developments

1.1.1. Mark Smalley (AXELOS Author)

1.2. Agile and Lean SM Research and Case Studies

1.2.1. Speaker: Volvo Cars

1.2.2. Speaker: Krikor Maroukian

1.2.3. Speaker; Michalis Moraitis

1.3. The Future of ITSM

1.3.1. Discussion Panel Tassos Alefantos

2. Keynote Speakers

2.1. Volvo Cars

2.2. Mark Smalley (AXELOS author)

3. Greek Speakers

3.1. Michalis Moraitis

3.2. Krikor Maroukian

4. Panel Moderators

4.1. Tassos Alefantos