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CO2 outside the app by Mind Map: CO2 outside the app

1. show community in the Thank you screen, start by adding on the website.

1.1. together with Barry you have saves 6 t & planted 10 trees

2. how much CO2 did I save compare to my/others average consumption.

2.1. the average Barry customer have save this CO2 emissions compare the the average dane

3. If the backend is ready, before the app is out

3.1. graph on the website of CO2 emmission of all Barry customers

3.2. PR stories, use the accounting on the web before we go live in the app

3.3. We can look into postal codes/city

4. redesign electricity maps data. Show it on out website in our tone of voice & design

5. education with a dedicated page - renewable energy & CO2

5.1. a backbone of content to prepare customers for both renewable energy and CO2 in app

6. SoMe when you OFFSET, share your status on FB

6.1. I just offsetted 35kg

6.2. I planted 3 trees

7. SoMe when you USE OUR APP TO CHANGE CONSUMPTION, share your status on FB

7.1. competition on who could change their consumption patter the most

7.2. general post