Permanent Residence Visa (EHF)

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Permanent Residence Visa (EHF) by Mind Map: Permanent Residence Visa (EHF)

1. Immigration Requirements

2. PRV application

2.1. The process for the fellows and their families applying for Permanent Residence is to search INZ website for the following two forms: · NZ 1247 Global Impact Permanent Residence · NZ 1248 Global Impact Permanent Resident guide Once they have completed these forms they go to our office and fees finder webpage. Select Permanent Resident Visa, then enter their Nationality on passport and Location and they will be provided with the relevant information as to where to send their application.

2.1.1. Information about: Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa

2.1.2. INZ 1247 Global Impact Permanent Residence

2.1.3. INZ 1248 Global Impact Permanent Residence Guide

2.1.4. Fees, decision times and where to apply

3. Applying for Fellow's family visas

3.1. Group applications

3.1.1. Life partners Partnership requirements Criteria & Online application

3.1.2. Dependent child(ren) Definition Dependent Child Resident Visa

3.2. Parents

3.2.1. Parent Retirement Resident Visa

3.2.2. -SUSPENDED (C19)- Parent Resident Visa

3.2.3. Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa

3.2.4. Temporary Retirement Visitor Visa

3.2.5. Parent Category Q&A

4. How to apply for NZ citizenship

5. EHF Letter of Support

5.1. PRV Process Summary

5.2. Framework for supporting PR applications

5.3. Scoring Guide

5.3.1. Scoring examples

5.4. FAQ

5.5. PRV & GIV Calendar

5.6. EHF Conflict of Interest Policy

5.7. Guide to completing the PR Submission Document

5.8. Calls recordings with the team

5.8.1. 2020 2 March 20 May (password: PRV) 8 September Password: EHFprv

5.8.2. 2021 4 March (password: PRV) 11 March (password: PRV)

5.9. EHF Comms

5.9.1. Record of comms

5.9.2. May 2020 - PRV Update after C2 & C3 Trial Run - Live

6. Useful LINKS

6.1. INZ Contact Centre

6.2. Fees, decision times and where to apply

6.3. Who needs an x-ray or medical examination