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Schizophrenia by Mind Map: Schizophrenia

1. if in maintenance

2. assess

2.1. positive symptoms

2.1.1. hallucinations false sensory exp auditory olfactory visual

2.1.2. delusions grandeur somatic paranoid persecutory

2.1.3. alterations in behavior/bizarre waxy flexibility eccopraxia stereotyped behavior "pretending" to sweep

2.1.4. alteration in speech echolalia think like a parrot clang association bad mad sad loose association/ flight of ideas word salad "box tree car yes apple boy seven"

2.2. negative symptoms

2.2.1. apathy "hanging out doesn't sound fun"

2.2.2. anergia "im too tired"

2.2.3. anhedonia "just not fun anymore"

2.2.4. avolition "i dropped out of school"

3. diagnose

3.1. risk for self directed harm

4. plan

4.1. safety

4.2. return to baseline/stabilize

4.3. prevent relapse

5. implementation

5.1. verbal

5.1.1. therapeutic communication two rules never ask why what can you as the nurse do NOW

5.1.2. haloperidol

5.2. milieu

5.3. medications

5.3.1. first generation if in continuation phase loxapine chlorpromazine fluphenazine treats only + high EPS acute dystonia akathisia psuedoparksin tardive dykinisia use anticholinergics cost effective

5.3.2. second generatino clozapine quetiapine risperidone high cost treat + and - LOW EPS

5.3.3. olanzapine

6. neurotransmitters

6.1. dopamine

6.1.1. high levels = psychosis

6.1.2. low levels = NMS high tempt acetaminophen cold compress fluctuating blood pressure tachycardia beta blockers muscle rigidity dantrolene

6.2. serotonin

6.2.1. low = depression

6.3. GABA

6.3.1. low = anxiety

6.4. norepinephrine

6.4.1. low = low energy