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Emotions by Mind Map: Emotions

1. Negative

1.1. Disgust

1.1.1. showing the bad example of the topic - ingreasing the need of the topic and learner's attetion Pictures, videos (pictures can be collected in Google Drive, Dropbox

1.2. Fear

1.2.1. coming out of comfort zone (new environment to learn in), limited time Making videos and posting them (Youtube, movie making programs), e-learning environments where is time limitation or where u can see posting time (Moodle, eDidaktikum, Google Drive, Slack)

1.3. Regret

1.3.1. FOMO (fear of missing out) Collective feedback, as our teacher is doing in our course

1.4. Frustration

1.4.1. If topic or environment is challeging Examples which have frustrated me: Powtoon, prezi

2. Positive

2.1. Admiration

2.1.1. people need successful stories, so they get inspiration Can show videos, share stories, articles..for that there is a lot of possible environments

2.2. inspiation (must useful one, it causes other positive emotions)

2.2.1. can be caused by the process of course, one single exercise, story told by teacher or co-student. As teacher you can give different environments to use for cause possible inspiration, because then everyone can relase their best possible ideas. Different interesting environtmets for that - Storybird,,