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Christianity by Mind Map: Christianity

1. Missionaries

2. Calvinism (if I spell it correctly)

3. Anglican

3.1. English Church

4. Spread of Christianity

4.1. Crusades

5. Major Branches

5.1. Non-White Indigenous Protestants

5.2. Protestant

5.3. Marginal Protestant

5.4. Orthodox

5.4.1. Catholic

5.5. Roman Catholic

5.6. What about Lutheran?

6. Additional Branches

6.1. Jehovah's Witnesses

6.2. The Amish

6.2.1. What was the reason for the split into the four subgroups?

6.2.2. No electricity or technology for most Amish

6.2.3. „Orange is the new Black“ had an episode about Amish

6.3. Mormons

6.3.1. The LDS church has a small community in Meppel

6.3.2. The Mormons were right according to Southpark

7. The Bible

7.1. Living biblically

7.2. Slavery

7.2.1. For how long was the slave bible used?

7.3. Martin Luther King

7.4. do most christians follow all the rules from the bible? And if so; how do people adapt all those rules in the 21st century?

7.5. What are logical arguments regarding proving the existence of God?

8. General

8.1. Reconquista

8.2. Inquisition

8.3. A.J. Jacobs

8.3.1. could his conclusion be connected to Atheism 2.0?

9. Christianity in entertainment

9.1. Musical (Jesus Christ Super Star)

9.2. Monthy Python

9.3. Music (e.g. Gospel, Christian metal)

9.4. Probably a sh*t ton of books inspired by Biblical stories

9.5. Musical: The Book of Mormon

9.6. The movie „Narnia“ is a story related to the Bibel