Uses and Gratification

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Uses and Gratification by Mind Map: Uses and Gratification

1. Social interaction

1.1. Identifying with others and gaining a sense of belonging.

1.1.1. The police being so close together

1.2. Finding a basis for conversation and social interaction.

1.2.1. Jake to Ryan

1.3. Having a substitute for real-life companionship.

1.3.1. Having normal life conversation in the cafe whilst just chilling and eating

2. Information

2.1. Relevant events and conditions in immediate surroundings, society and the world.

2.1.1. Raising awareness of how the world and society really is

2.2. Seeking advice on practical matters or opinion and decision choices.

2.2.1. Translater is you are an immigrant and can't speak English

2.3. Gaining a sense of security through knowledge

2.3.1. The mum this daughter has been taken by her ex

3. Entertainment

3.1. Escapism, or being diverted, from problems.

3.1.1. Filling time. Donna - finishing the job

3.1.2. Emotional release. Jake - coming out as gay

3.1.3. Relaxing. Cops sitting in cafe eating chatting

4. Personal Identity

4.1. Gaining insight into ones self.

4.1.1. Ryan being a police officer with a troubled son

4.2. Identifying with valued others (in the media).

4.2.1. Jake embracing being gay

4.3. Finding models of behaviour.

4.3.1. Ryan model police behaviour