Men's Ministry 2020

Men's Ministry Flowchart

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Men's Ministry 2020 by Mind Map: Men's Ministry 2020

1. Events

1.1. Church-affiliated Events

1.1.1. Spring Breakfast Internally Led (Learning from each other; testimonies practical how-to's - links to discipleship avenues)

1.1.2. Fall Breakfast Outside Speaker (Education - links to discipleship avenues)

1.1.3. Fall Retreat Off-site (intentionally added value at event, links to discipleship avenues)

1.1.4. Summer Affinity Groups Encourage Grove men/men's min leaders to develop/lead these - links to Growth Groups and discipleship avenues

1.2. "Organic" Event Resources

1.2.1. Father-Child Retreats/Family Camp Ex. Camp Shamineau Ex. Camp Lebanon

1.2.2. Marriage Events Ex. Weekend to Remember Ex. Marriage Encounter

2. Discipleship Avenues

2.1. Church-affiliated Avenues

2.1.1. Growth Groups (couples/families, relationship building, growing in knowledge/application)

2.1.2. Bible Study(ies)

2.1.3. Electives (Sunday morning education/practice)

2.1.4. Church-wide events/outreaches

2.2. "Organic" Avenue examples

2.2.1. CLC Men's Discipleship Pathway

2.2.2. Specifically focused small groups

2.2.3. Individual discipling relationships

3. Encouragement

3.1. Encouraging men to build relationships

3.2. Encouraging men to host/lead events

3.3. Encouraging men to develop affinity groups for summer

3.4. Encouraging men by supporting their events, gently suggesting intentional layers

3.5. Inviting men into discipling relationships (Paul/Timothy)