The importance of English in 21st century


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The importance of English in 21st century by Mind Map: The importance of English in 21st century

1. English teaching today: What do I need to know?l The first secret is for people who are learning English: the important thing in English is to give specific qualities to specific syllables, which means this when pronouncing a specific high and strong syllable will not lose the meaning of a word even when the It is misspelled ... so if we are learning English, let's stop apologizing for our accent, let's not worry about grammar, the only responsibility is to put the right accent on important words.

2. Teaching English through English: Proficiency, Pedagogy and Performance: The way to educate in schools today is still obsolete, with the same old teaching and learning methods. Leaders who believe and share a new vision that embrace a new culture and allow schools to open their minds are required, we can continue to buy new programs and resources but if we fail to not empower teachers so they can create better experiences to The children in their classes will miss a great opportunity for the future of an educational reform. English teachers around the world speak English as a second or third language instead of as their first language.

3. English teaching today: What do I need to know? - Teaching priorities : Fluency and accuracy, Different styles and Englishes, Writing - English as an international language: Language standards, The native and non-native English teacher, The place of English literature and the culture of the English-speaking peoples, The place of the L1. - Language-acquisition theories and teaching methodologies : Theories of language acquisition, Language teaching approaches and methodologies - Computerized teaching materials: The huge development that has taken place recently in the area of teaching materials is, of course, the dramatic increase in the use of computers and other digital resources. - Motivation: Integrative and instrumental motivation, Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation

4. Teachers Create what they Experience Current educational trends have schools rushing to hand out tablets and other devices left and right with no real purpose or vision for how or why we are using them (other than the buzz term of '21st century learning'). In addition, kids screen time has now been expanded to include most of the school hours now.