Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management

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Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management by Mind Map: Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management

1. Relationships

1.1. Care doesn’t quit, getting back to humanside (more face-to-face and relationship building). Take the screens away.

1.2. focus on your donors, we'll focus on the details

2. Empowering Your People

2.1. uncovering your stars

2.1.1. shining a light on your stars

2.2. you have the talent, we have the tools

2.2.1. Bring out the best in your data and your team

2.3. superlatives

2.3.1. who is most likely to ____? find out now

2.4. almost there, don't stop now

2.5. bring together the 3 Ts (time, talent, treasure)

2.6. Unleash your greatest potential. What would happen if… all your dreams came true? Utopia

3. Data

3.1. amplify/magnify your data

3.2. from data to ta-da!

3.3. apply science to the art of fundraising

3.4. Prescriptive – giving them a-ha! Moments

3.5. New perspective, change your view

3.6. no more "gut" feeling (because of data)

3.7. decode your data

3.8. Show your data in a new light (Shine a light on untapped giving potential. Illuminate new donors, etc.) Not the best copy examples, but the idea being BFPM helps you “see your data in a new light”, illuminates new opportunities, etc. (Lightbulb, candle, flashlight, light ray imagery)

4. Other

4.1. Highlight actual proof points – ex. save 80% of daily hours. 10-20% increase

4.2. Cherry on top - It helps provide that little bit of extra information gift officers need; and it literally "sits on top" of their CRM data base