Dislike about CCA

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Dislike about CCA by Mind Map: Dislike about CCA

1. It was very time consuming to organise and run taking up so many more weekend

2. Volunteer perpection of IT, simulated pressured

3. The photocopying/admin

4. Lots of pressure for the undertaking

5. Quite a fake scenario sometimes made it hard to pick up on condition of casualty

6. Differences between assessors

6.1. x3

7. Not much consideration for the "care" of the casualty/patient

8. Stressful it didn't bring out best in people

9. Too many components with too much waiting

10. It is horrible nerve wrecking doing an assessment

11. Lack of resources sometimes

11.1. lack of option in scenarios

12. Nervous delegates

13. Negativity towards it

13.1. Negative behaviour of volunteers, bullying and moaning as a result of the process

14. Logistical nightmare

14.1. Travelling to and from hubs, too much time spent and a lot of effort

15. Theoretical were too narrow on mark wrong and you don't pass, whereas the patient survived

16. Could be long day with large amount of time waiting

17. Candidates felt large amount of pressure

17.1. Fear of failure, lots of high pressure

18. Scan a copy of admin papers

19. Admin heavy

20. Caused members to be stressed about the assessment

21. The question paper - faults and errors within

21.1. Can be irrelevant to role

21.2. x2

22. Lack of resources sometimes

23. Time consuming for all. Admin and travel etc

24. Couldnt be done in the unit

25. Poor quality control

26. Too long, fragmented, waiting.

27. Pressured, stressful.

28. Not always realitic.

29. Nerves made people less confident/competent on the day compared with real treatments.

30. Unit training was often geared only to passing CCA requirements, not good all-round training.

31. some asessor standards/expectations varied.