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About Kristin by Mind Map: About Kristin

1. Education

1.1. College: Johns Hopkins University

1.1.1. Major: Public Health Studies

1.2. Graduate School: JHU Carey

1.2.1. Program: Flex MBA

1.2.2. Concentration: Health Care Management

1.2.3. Expected Graduation: May 2020

2. Work

2.1. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

2.1.1. Research Program Manager for Outcomes After Critical Illness and Injury (OACIS)

2.2. US Food and Drug Administration

2.2.1. Project Manager at the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

2.3. Professional Makeup Artist

2.3.1. Specialize in Weddings and Special Events

3. Hobbies/Things I Enjoy

3.1. Exploring life with my 6 y/o daughter

3.2. Dancing

3.2.1. Fun Fact: At JHU I was a founding member of the SLAM HipHop and Step Team

3.2.2. Also love dancing to Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and really anything with a beat

3.3. Traveling

4. Places I've Lived

4.1. Currently live in Bethesda, MD

4.2. Texas

4.3. Louisana

4.4. Germany

4.5. Kentucky

4.6. California