Samira and Abdullah Relationship

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Samira and Abdullah Relationship by Mind Map: Samira and Abdullah Relationship

1. Together for life (Later) [together professionally till life]

1.1. Plan to have small sized business deals and in small scope, this is to not create any long-term commitments

1.2. Prepare a plan for the coming back together at later time, depending on the agreement and specification of the timeline agreed between Abdullah and Samira.

1.3. Prepare a contingency plan in case anyone change his mind or anything happen which could cause any plan changes.

2. Not together for life

2.1. Exit strategy for both from this relationship as soon as possible and stop all communication immediately.

2.2. Freeze all current business and project on-going. cancel them all.

3. Park all Emotions & continue Businesses

3.1. Freeze all business activities till Oct 26th.

3.1.1. Together professionally (benefits and friends ONLY) for life Implement Benefits Rules and Framework General Terms: Communication Rules: Business Deals: Memories: Future Plans:

3.1.2. Together for life (NOW) Exit strategy from Esmaeel Agree on Esmaeel situation timeline (Devoice). Agree on kids timing Agree on living places and housing expenses Esmaeel Relation to his kids in future Entering strategy to Abdullah Agree on Raniah situation timeline (Devoice). Agree on on path forward in living condition, expenses, kids raising, working, and locations. Agree on business partnership and investments in the future. Kids and Samira safety net and future prospect.