LGBT Refugee and Asylum Seekers (Wellington)

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LGBT Refugee and Asylum Seekers (Wellington) by Mind Map: LGBT Refugee and Asylum Seekers (Wellington)

1. For instance: interesting to do:

1.1. Social events

1.2. Lobbying for law

1.3. policy changes

1.4. Doing education workshops

1.5. Creating resources

2. Corporative Identity

2.1. Mission

2.1.1. Provide support to LGBT Refugees.

2.2. Vision

2.2.1. Be leaders of the protection of human rights and provide excellent orientation who needs

2.3. Objectives

2.4. Values

2.4.1. Justice, equidad.

2.4.2. Honesty

2.4.3. Respest

2.4.4. Integrity

3. Refugees from

3.1. Colombia

3.2. Iraq

3.3. Somalia

3.4. Eritrea

3.5. Iran

3.6. Sri Lanka

3.7. Rwanda

3.8. Sudan

3.9. Afghanistan

3.10. Burma

4. Ethiopia

5. Support

5.1. Students

5.2. Jobs

5.3. Interactions with others

5.3.1. Community events Rainbow events

5.4. Youth

5.5. workplace

5.5.1. What are their rights as workers

6. Support

6.1. Support the Equality Act (Against Discrimination)

6.2. LGBTIA Equality (Work Explotaition)

6.3. Stop Anti-LGBTIA Legislation

6.4. Protect and advocate their rights

6.4.1. examples cristian es mas canson por que por que me odia

7. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexual and Asexual

8. Tracey (ChangeMakers) ideas + ideas collected.

8.1. After the group is formed

8.1.1. what is the group for and about

8.1.2. Is about advocacy

8.1.3. is about lobbying

8.1.4. being a support group

8.1.5. is about celebrating For instance, pride Festival

8.1.6. is about making sources and information

8.2. Have a peer led group: "Tener un group dirigido por pares"

8.3. Devise what our mission and action are with the group.

8.4. Have a private social media group

8.5. when people start join the private group.

8.5.1. we need to start promoting the group in different ways. For example telling Red Cross: So they can tell to the new people arrive or pass people that we do not know about the group. Flyer with information on it (group) explaining: who we are and what the group is about.

9. Jack (Rainbow Path (Auckland))

9.1. Make sure that the process is safe for everyone

9.2. For Example: Support to Asylum Seekers

9.2.1. Work visa

9.2.2. Applying for residency

9.3. Groups in NZ do NOT need to be legal registered