Thematic Units: What & Why?

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Thematic Units: What & Why? by Mind Map: Thematic Units: What & Why?

1. The most advantageous benefit of this process is providing communities with a culturally meaningful curriculum. On the other hand, it's a time consuming process. To this end, start drafting ideas for the construction of a unique thematic unit that is grounded in the social sciences.

2. Even though units are not due until May 15th - it's best practice to start the process during the initial stages of the semester.

2.1. 1) pinpoint topic(s) of interests grounded in the social sciences.

2.2. 2.) reference NM State Standards for the Social Studies: and

2.3. 3.) start collecting resources for the construction of this unit.

3. A thematic unit organically combines topics in the social sciences with other disciplines. For example, the posted unit on UNM Learn addresses economics and literacy. Hybrid combinations are many.

4. No Child Left Behind and content knowledge is the primarily reason for this educational cavity. Teachers that do indeed teach social studies at the elementary level often employ thematic units.

5. Unfortunately, the state of NM does not explicitly enumerate instructional minutes for elementary social studies.Thus, the discipline is often omitted in elementary classrooms.