LDO Workshop

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LDO Workshop by Mind Map: LDO Workshop

1. Variation in previous roles = different skills gaps

1.1. Skills gaps

2. Culture change

2.1. Ambassadors for embedding L&D into Ops

2.2. Engagement with SMN's

2.3. Greater office presence

3. What does good look like?

3.1. Role model their own CPD

3.2. Ops expertise

3.3. Training delivery: role of facilitator

3.4. Go out with ops on call? Sign off accred at the same time

3.5. Take ownership of projects

3.6. Creative design and delivery

4. Key Delivery

4.1. Accreditation

4.2. Core training

4.3. Local engagement

5. Key Issues

5.1. Travel

5.2. How will we ensure dedicated SPOC for each office?

5.3. Develop a strategic overview

5.4. Greater office presence