Foosball at Terem Technologies

Brainstorm by Javan

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Foosball at Terem Technologies by Mind Map: Foosball at Terem Technologies

1. What is the Context

1.1. Within Work Environment

1.1.1. Gamplay time spending Usually under 1 minute per score The overall spending might be under 10 minutes for the reason of not being too distracted from work

1.1.2. When to play Taking a break As a outside-of-work activity When don't want to work

1.2. Physical assets

1.2.1. Foosball Table with score keeper

1.2.2. Phone holder

1.3. Gameplay

1.3.1. Controllable (users follow the rules)

1.3.2. Uncontrollable situations (users break the rules)

2. Who's the Champion

2.1. Daily/Seasonal Ranking

2.1.1. Ranking system National Ranking System of Foosball Australia

2.2. Tournament

2.2.1. All vs All

2.2.2. Elimination with Group Phase

2.2.3. Elimination

2.3. Result of each match

2.3.1. Input method

2.4. Encourage competition

3. Brand Identity

3.1. Foosball Culture

3.1.1. Light weight

3.1.2. Hand and brain collaboration

3.1.3. Collaborate with collegues

3.1.4. Competetive

3.2. Terem's burgeon buds

3.3. Score! Champion

4. Foosball Rules

4.1. Ranking System

4.2. Tournament

4.3. Basic Rules

4.3.1. The app can help assist the gameplay process, but not as a referee

5. Why Foosball and Why being competitive?

5.1. Foster collaboration

5.1.1. 2 vs 2

5.1.2. 1 on 1

5.1.3. Swapping teamates?

5.2. Encourage Flexibility with working hours

5.3. Make connection with collegues