What are you curious about? What questions do you have about the world? The universe? What myst...

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What are you curious about? What questions do you have about the world? The universe? What mysteries should we explore more about? by Mind Map: What are you curious about? What questions do you have about the world? The universe?   What mysteries should we explore more about?

1. Are ghosts real?

1.1. Are haunted houses real?

1.2. Does it real that the dog can see ghosts?

1.2.1. can the cat see the ghost?

1.3. What tools can we use to find ghosts?

1.4. Are ghosts dangerous?

1.4.1. Can they hurt us?

2. What unknown creatures live on earth?

2.1. Are monsters real if not who invented it?

2.2. Are werewolves real?

2.2.1. How is a werewolf made?

2.2.2. Where do werewolf stories come from? who invented had the knowledge to invent the paper who made the first book

2.3. Do Bigfoot and the loch Ness monster really exist?

2.3.1. Who do they saw bigfoot? Does anyone have footage of Bigfoot. If we have a picture of big foot, does that real?

2.4. What was the life of a yeti?

2.4.1. do yeti exist

2.5. Are frankensteins real ?

2.6. Does the pictures real when we search unknown creature?

3. Where do sickness come from? How do they start?

3.1. Viruses

3.1.1. Can we stop the corona virus? how many people will die because of corona virus??

3.1.2. what or who started the COVID-19

3.1.3. Why can’t we make a lot of medicine for a virus? What makes it hard to make the medicine for virus? Can we get the vaccines before so many people will die?

3.1.4. Why does the virus changes?

3.1.5. why do Bacary heart people?

3.2. How long does it takes to make a new medicine?

3.3. Can we use electronic things without getting glasses?

3.4. How do broken bones heal?

3.5. Did alien ever got sick

4. Outer Space

4.1. How is it on the moon?

4.1.1. Can we live there?

4.2. How many stars exist.

4.3. how did the big rock didn't the earth?

4.4. How do black holes form and what happens when we get stuck in a black hole?

4.4.1. Does people ever seen a wormhole?

4.5. How was the universe started?

4.5.1. How the universe formed?

4.5.2. What is the big bang?

4.6. Is there other planets that humans can use?

4.6.1. Have aliens been to earth? If the aliens ever been to earth, what did alien did to earth. Some people says they saw the aliens, and some says the aliens took them. Is there a evidence that proofs about aliens been to earth?

4.6.2. What does it feel like in space?

4.7. Are aliens real?

4.7.1. Did animals excites when there were aliens?

4.7.2. Can we be ghost when we die? If ghost exist, how can we see them?

4.7.3. Could life exist on other planets?

4.7.4. Was the mystery circles made by aliens?

5. Animals

5.1. Can centipedes do handstands?

5.2. What’s at the bottom of the ocean?

5.2.1. How can the fish have a lot of kinds?

5.3. How did life on earth begin

5.3.1. what animal was first created in earth ?

5.3.2. Why do animals change over time

5.4. what was the real problem that caused the dinosaurs to go extinct?

5.5. How did the wild animal became our pets?

5.6. Did a animal ever got sick

6. Technology & the Future

6.1. can we live at the ocean?

6.2. Can we make Time Machine ?

6.2.1. is there person that can look at the future or past? if there is, how?

6.2.2. How much should we speed up to time travel?. I just want to know if it's theoretical.

6.2.3. do time crachine really ecxicst?

6.3. Why are robot taking our jobs?

6.3.1. Can we even have a job after all?

6.4. Can we walk to the North Pole?

6.5. who made the the electricity?

6.5.1. what was it before electricity?

6.6. who invented the technology

7. History & the Past

7.1. How were the pyramids made?

7.1.1. How did people transport all the stones for the Great Wall of China up the mountains?

7.1.2. Why did people make the pharaohs to mummies who had the idea and who was the first pharaoh to be Mummified why did they make a pyramid who created it and some people say Alenas made a pyramid is that true?

7.2. Why was ancient Romans so powerful? What made the Romans so powerful?

8. People

8.1. How can we understand each other and we can use our brains to think

8.1.1. Why are languages different in different countriess? can we just use the same language? What was the first language?

8.2. why did people want war with others?

8.2.1. why is their racism? Why were people treated differently because they are just a girl or black?

8.2.2. Why did people had a war long time ago and did it fun or happy to stole other’s land?

8.2.3. How many word exist

8.3. Why do people look different from each other?

8.3.1. Why is it hard to get together if a country was separated a long time ago?

8.3.2. Where does hair come from with what is it made.

8.4. Beliefs & Religion

8.4.1. Is god real? Can god hear us? Why can't I see them?

8.4.2. If people dead where does people go? Do we have past lives?

8.4.3. can we live forever? The live of people had been long then before. If future, con we live longer than this? Can people stay healthy forever? Can we live forever without bad things happening?

8.4.4. Can we all die like the dinosaurs which disappeared? If we can what will happen?

8.5. Why do people change over time