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Content Marketing APIL by Mind Map: Content Marketing APIL

1. Tell me about them

1.1. 20 years

1.2. 28 properties valued at $1b

1.3. By accessing the combined buying power of a number of investors, APIL is able to purchase quality commercial properties that due to the high acquisition price are not available to the majority of property investors.

1.3.1. An acquired property recommended to must have the following core investment principals; Direct property investment - Each syndicate is directly linked to identified assets. Investors have full knowledge of our investment strategy with assessable risks and potential returns fully disclosed. Well located properties with high tenant demand - Properties must be well located in prime business precincts. This will provide stronger tenant demand thereby minimising vacancy risk. Income and capital growth - Our assets must offer a strong and regular income distribution and the potential for capital growth.

1.3.2. investors purchase units in a unit trust, the trustee of which is APIL. Once the trust is formed the funds invested are used to purchase the commercial property.

1.3.3. 50/50 investors and debt

1.3.4. How easy is it to get money out? The syndicate terms are usually about 7-9 years and units are illiquid, however from time to time we do have investors wanting to sell their units and APIL will usually assist and contact other investors within the syndicate to see if they would like to purchase these at an agreed or market value.

1.4. How do we invest -

1.4.1. 1. a customer register his/her interest on the website. 2. Once registered, they will: Receive a ‘Thank you’ for registering email 3. Receive a copy of the corporate brochure I4. f there is a fund open, they will receive a PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) 5. If no open fund is available, they will be kept in APIL’s database and be notified when future investment funds become available

1.5. What do they do?

1.5.1. Retail Investments At least $50k investments, 15% is sunk cost, capital gains in 3-4 years, roughly hold the investment for 8 years. There are more compliance for retail.

1.5.2. Wholesale At least $250k investments, $2.5mil in assets

1.5.3. Four main categories of investment: Shopping Centres Office Buildings Large Format Retail Industrial

1.5.4. APIL currently has 9 wholesale funds and 10 retail funds. Note the most recent funds have been retail. The wholesale funds are generally older syndicates. As previously mentioned Retail means anyone can invest subject to identity verification and minimum $50k, whereas Wholesale requires a letter from your accountant confirming either $2.5m in assets OR $250kincome last 2 years. Retail and Wholesale do not refer to the type of property.

2. What's good about them?

2.1. Open to any investor

2.1.1. Enables investor to diversify

2.1.2. Low entrance cost of $50k

2.2. Returning investors

2.3. Historically a strong performer

2.4. Experienced Team

2.5. Strong network of property agents

2.5.1. finding a property: Internal team at APIL with independent research often requested from external parties on certain aspects of the property.

2.6. Three Core principles

2.7. APIL Manage finance and admin of the syndicate

2.8. Enables smaller investors to access retail property investments as a syndicate

2.9. Monthly divident payments

2.10. Higher Yeilds - Recent APIL syndicates have had an initial yield after fees and costs of between 6.5% and 8.0% per annum.

2.11. Tax Benefits

2.12. Property is a tangible asset you can touch and feel

3. What are we trying to achive?

3.1. Business Objectives

3.1.1. Focus more on Retail

3.1.2. Double investments

3.1.3. More networth people in database

3.2. Content Objectives

3.2.1. Raise Brand Awareness Excite people video Be brand consistent

3.2.2. Find new investors paid media referrals where? team sharing partner list

3.2.3. Build audience databases email is primary

3.2.4. Put APIL in a favourable investment light

3.2.5. Promote new investment opportunies

3.2.6. Improve value of investors

3.2.7. Be percieved as Strategic • Astute • Trusted point to experience reassure with process show it with successful case studies

3.2.8. BE a thought leader regular updates opinion pieces

4. Audience know

4.1. financially astute and well researched professionals and business owners seeking steady passive income stream foremost seeking capital growth seeking security of capital seeking to have investments spread across multiple funds and not all in the same basket SMSF and family trusts a large portion of our investor group

4.1.1. They want to know their investment is safe?

4.1.2. They want to know how a property is chosen and its a good investment

4.2. Long term investments

4.3. What i the quality of tenants

4.4. Groups

4.4.1. Retirees - This group encompasses people that are already retired or are intending to retire in the next 12 months with $100k in savings or investments. •93% used the internet (88% Google Search, 88% Facebook, 10% LinkedIn) •77% read a newspaper (43% West Australian, 45% Sunday Times) •77% noticed outdoor advertising •43% viewed •1% read WA Business News •4% read Financial Review online •52% read a local community newspaper •53% listened to Commercial Radio on a weekday

4.4.2. AFFLUENT HOUSEHOLD with RELIABLE INCOME FLOW - This group consists of individuals that have a steady and reliable income flow of at least $100k and above with at least $100k in savings or investments. •100% used the internet (99% Google Search, 92% Facebook, 22% LinkedIn) •84% noticed outdoor advertising •46% read a newspaper •31% read a local community newspaper •52% viewed •2% read WA Business News •18% read the West Australian •14% viewed •69% listened to Commercial Radio on a weekday

4.4.3. HIGH NET-WORTH INDIVIDUALS - A high net-worth individual is described as someone whose investible assets exceed a given amount (ie greater than $1million) or more in savings or investments. 96% used the internet (96% Google Search, 95% Facebook, 32% LinkedIn) •87% noticed outdoor advertising •65% read a newspaper •45% read a local community newspaper •4% read WA Business News •11% read Financial Review online and •58% listened to Commercial Radio on a weekday

4.4.4. INVESTORS - The Investor’s group is considered to be people that are looking for opportunities to invest their money as an alternative to the stock market, based on people that have savings or money to invest or manage their own super funds. 100% used the internet (100% Google Search, 98% Facebook, 33% LinkedIn) •92% noticed outdoor advertising •48% read a newspaper •4% read WA Business News •58% viewed •45% viewed •43% viewed •19% viewed Financial Review online •42% read a local community newspaper •58% listened to Commercial Radio on a weekday


4.6. current database has 2000 contacts as a mix of current investors and prospects. list is segmented

4.6.1. Database - Generally 2/3 are current people and 1/3 new

4.7. Audience journey: Generally we seem to find that potential investors register with APIL then sit back and watch a couple of syndicates commence before they decide to invest themselves. If the potential investor has been introduced via family/friends then this process is usually more rapid. Probably more a 1-2 year period depending on the frequency of new syndicates.

4.8. What investors look for: 1. An industry they are familiar with 2. A management team they believe in 3. An idea with a large market and a competitive advantage 4. A company with momentum or traction 5. An idea that will generate cash flow

5. General Thoughts

5.1. They need to be clear on what they do

5.2. They need more long form content to be knowledge leaders

5.3. They need to be accessible and reportable

5.4. No to show some real stories to be more relatble

5.5. Less is more on channels. edm, website, linkedin

6. Competitors comments

6.1. Lester Group

6.1.1. Clear Prop - A passion for excellence, focus on performance and commitment to deliver.

6.1.2. website IA better organised

6.1.3. Awful news section - purely about thier business performance and sales

6.1.4. Has linkedin - posts very rarely and mainly about the properties they are investing in

6.1.5. Has youtube - three short videos about properties

6.2. PRIMEWEST – Property Investors

6.2.1. simple message OUR OBJECTIVE IS TO ACHIEVE MAXIMUM RETURNS FOR OUR INVESTORS Simple icons and statement son website still using pdf newsletter

6.2.2. Linkedin rarely used