Strategies for Reading CAE part 6

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Strategies for Reading CAE part 6 by Mind Map: Strategies for Reading CAE part 6

1. Finally to give an end you should try to select two or more of the prompts given for then, reading what you have done before, highlighting and a summary, so you can differ easily and find your answer. On the reading part of the test, having more than one to choose gives you options and could take time but you can chose better using all the techniques.

2. Strategy N1.

2.1. Read first the questions bellow, it will help you know what you are going to look for.

3. Strategy N2

3.1. Highlight some words on the questions, this be a better help for having key word to relate with the text. For example this will also help you with other reading to easily use key words.

4. Strategy N3

4.1. While reading the text, highlight key word or sentences that will help you to find the answers and support them. Highlighting the text is a very good example for also detecting the words needed to find answers.

5. Strategy N4

5.1. With the two highlighting techniques used before you have to match the questions with the answers in the text. You can also use a sommelier technique to resume your paragraphs and find information easily.

6. Strategy N5