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Netlink Team by Mind Map: Netlink Team

1. Publishing Solution (Local Market)

1.1. Providing performance optimize solution for local publisher (SEO, AMP, Pagespeed Optimization)

1.1.1. Monetize and optimize revenue for publisher by Adsense (Adsense MCM)

2. Publisher (Owner & Oganization






3. Publishing Solution (Global)

3.1. Providing publishing solution by optimize revenue through Ad Exchange (Display, Video, Audio)

3.2. Connect Advertiser and premium Publisher via Google Programmatic Direct Deal (PG, PD) to help them maximize revenue with long-term partnership.

4. App Monetization

4.1. Developing and providing monetization solution to developer through AdX for mobile in App (Game/App/OTT app, connected TV)

4.2. 3 policy experts

4.3. 5 optimization experts

4.4. 4 publisher relationship