360 Client Monitoring

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360 Client Monitoring by Mind Map: 360 Client Monitoring

1. Rule Based 1

1.1. Miguel Angel

1.1.1. Gabi Architecture Fernando Zarza, Sara Rodríguez y Maria Arranz DataHub Guille Alberto Sánchez Tester (Lead): Javi Sambade

2. Rule Based 2

2.1. Floriana

2.1.1. Pedro Case Manager - Appian - Support Only Sergio Molina - SM Investigation Center Ruben, Alberto APIs Config Module Rule Based Scenarios Héctor Tester: Harish

3. Analytics

3.1. Álvaro

3.1.1. FerSan Analytics JoseRa, Ravi and Moyo Triage JoseRa, Ravi and Moyo Segmentation Gus, Ravi and Camilo QA: Francisco Javier Gonzalez SQL ALM 360 JoseRa, Héctor Release Managers Jose Luis Chacón, Adrián Capristán and Javier San Pablo Tester: Mustaq

4. UFT

4.1. Francisco

4.2. Siva

4.3. Koteswara

4.4. Nikhil

4.5. Shalini