Descriptive Text, Assignment 3 Matthew Samuel X MIPA 7

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Descriptive Text, Assignment 3 Matthew Samuel X MIPA 7 by Mind Map: Descriptive Text, Assignment 3 Matthew Samuel X MIPA 7

1. Pekanbaru

1.1. Paragraph 1

1.2. Defenition

1.2.1. Pekanbaru is the capital of RIAU, its also be the largest city on Riau and located on Sumatra island

1.3. General structure

1.3.1. this city had a high rate growth, Migration, and urbanization also one of the largest economy centers on sumatra

1.4. Thesis Statement

1.4.1. On Pekanbaru there is some beautiful place that you can visit and one of the most beautiful place is "Danau Buatan".

1.4.2. Danau Buatan Alam Mayang Pustaka Soeman HS

2. Danau Buatan

2.1. Paragraph 2

2.2. Defenition

2.2.1. Danau Buatan located at Rumbai Pesisir, Pekanbaru.

2.3. General structure

2.3.1. This lake was irrigation area, then with lot of money, this irrigation transformed into a small lake which is more familiarly known as "Danau Buatan". The Government has changed the name of this lake to Bandar Kayangan Lembah Sari or Kayangan Lake, this lake has 14 hectares area with natural and beautiful view,

2.4. Thesis Statement

2.4.1. next place on Pekanbaru that you can visit to do your work, take a rest, read a book for a while, it's Pustaka Soeman HS.

2.4.2. Pustaka Soeman HS Alam Mayang

3. Pustaka Soeman HS

3.1. Paragraph 3

3.2. Defenition

3.2.1. This Library located on Sudirman Street,it was one of the historical place on Pekanbaru

3.3. General structure

3.3.1. this Library got Achievement as a great library on ASEAN, and has more than 400.000 Books that you can read and some facilities that you can use for work or something else. The facilities such as Computer, Table,and also had a children play area.On

3.4. Thesis Statement

3.4.1. the next place that you can visit on Pekanbaru is the most popular place

3.4.2. Alam Mayang

4. Alam Mayang

4.1. Paragraph 4

4.2. Defenition

4.2.1. Alam Mayang located on H imam Munandar street

4.3. General structure

4.3.1. this place had an natural view, you can see many trees on there, and a spacious area. Alam Mayang had much attractions that you can use to have fun, such as Flying Fox,Bombom Car, Monkey Attraction, Picnic, 3D studio and more. Opened from 08.00 morning until 18.00 afternoon.

4.4. Final Statement

4.4.1. Pekanbaru is a underrated city, this city had a lot of Vacation and resources