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AgingButDangerous! by Mind Map: AgingButDangerous!
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Action Plan

30 Keywords

Financial Review


Online Shopping Mall


Your Own Online Gift Store

Local City Chapters

Develop Program


Custom URLs (aginganddangerous - etc)

Hosting Platform

Develop Revenue Stream

Develop Site Replication

Sample Areas Of Expansion

Health & Fitness


Business Opps & Careers

QRCodes ALaCarte



Hello Mr. Prins. Good to talk to you yesterday. After thinking about it, my fee would not be so different than any other client. I charge a setup fee for each landing page to cover the research time and creation of the campaign. This is a one-time fee of $25 per landing page. In your case, it would be for each page on your site (accountant, florist, dentist...) and for each region. So if you have an accountant client in Minneapolis and another in Chicago, that would be $50. This is because you want data to report back to a potential client which would of course be different in each city. As mentioned, I don't recommend going broad with the keywords. However, looking at your list, most would be OK to use say "accountant in minneapolis" or simply "accountant" in a campaign targeting only the metro region in question. This tends to increase the cost per click but you seemed to be fine with that. That does not exclude from using more specific keywords depending on the end client, up to a certain limit. I'm thinking 3 sub-categories. So for example, a law firm could be set up for the keywords "lawyer", "divorce lawyer" and "injury lawyer". For the on-going maintenance, I charge $7 per landing page for each search engine used. So if you want to advertise the florist page on both Google and Bing, it would cost $14 per month for that page. I think it's best to start with just Google for now. There is a $75 per month minimum no matter the number of pages. I have a sliding scale fee depending on the number of pages you have: Landing pages Fee 1 to 49 $7.00 per landing page 50 to 99 $6.00 100 to 249 $5.00 250 to 499 $4.00 500 to 999 $3.00 1000 or more $2.00 You asked which pages I would be interested starting with first. I really don't have any preferences. I'll leave it up to you. Any questions or comments, write back or give me a call. To your online success. Pierre Levasseur Lucid Web Marketing PPC Sucess Doesn't Happen by Accident 1-888-683-1144

Sylvia's Children


Event Promotions

Events, Legacy Of Courage, Team Building With Horses

Automate Procedures, How It Works, Set Up

Members, Sponsors, Strategic Partners

Membership Campaign

YouTube Campaign



Plastic Surgery Minnesota

Dental Implants

Strategic Partners

Sofia's Cookies

Allen Consulting

Addional Features

Video Newsletter

Automate Your Own PR

Online Radio Show


Online Couponing & Discounts

Online Expo

Marketing Tools


PushButtoneMailer Bulk eMail

Hi-Level Prospecting

Targeted Sourcing and Recruiting

Closing The Sale, Online Incentives, Face-to-face Online Meeting

YouTube VideoMarketing

Cash Flow Forecast

Advisory Board

Hire Super Star