'Open-sourcing' personal learning

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'Open-sourcing' personal learning by Mind Map: 'Open-sourcing' personal learning

1. open educational resources (OER) as a major development with truly transformative potential.

2. tens of thousands of course Web sites and other educational materials are now freely available from hundreds of institutions, organizations, and projects from thousands of educators around the world

3. abundance

4. Access is very rarely an issue.

5. city libraries

6. community colleges

7. book stores

8. public TV

9. free public universities and their libraries

10. The majority of our present, global society, however, does not live in environments that are as materially privileged

11. content modules

12. courseware

13. online learning communities

14. Not availible in less developed countries

15. OER initiatives tend to remain within the boundaries of the established activity systems of 'schooling'

16. all serious learning activity has to be closely-coupled to a corresponding teaching activity

17. OERs have to limit their focus on quality, because they have to focus on:

18. design

19. production

20. licensing

21. distribution

22. "despite the increasing interest in open education and the availability of these growing collections of educational tools and resources, we risk missing the transformative and innovative opportunities,…'