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Science by Mind Map: Science

1. Society & Technology

1.1. Technology makes things easier for people.

1.2. Humans discover new things with the help of technology.

1.3. Security system has been tightened.

1.4. Medical technologies are present to cure people.

1.5. Technology gave entertainment and company to many people.

1.6. The people learned new skills

2. Technology & Environment

2.1. Biotechnology

2.2. It led to innovations and new discoveries.

2.3. Animal breeding and conservation.

2.4. Technology enabled industrialization and urbanization of environment.

2.5. Almost all the raw materials made for our technology came from the environment.

3. Environment & Society

3.1. The people get their resources from nature-food, shelter, clothes, etc.

3.2. Nature provides raw materials for businesses.

3.3. The environment grows through cultivation of humans.

3.4. Harmful and viral diseases mainly came from animals.

3.5. Ang sadly, the environment also suffers because of the people.

4. Technological Advancement

4.1. Society

4.1.1. Communication became easier through the invention of communication devices.

4.1.2. People are becoming global citizens through the use of internet.

4.1.3. New discoveries and learnings are unlocked because of technology.

4.1.4. There are countless of possibilities now for the society.

4.1.5. Things are getting instant due to technology.

4.2. Environment

4.2.1. New products are being introduced that materials are from the environment

4.2.2. There have been artificial environment for the animals to shelter.

4.2.3. Cure and Medicines are becoming more effective.

4.2.4. Technology helps preserve environment and not destroy them