The History of Social Work

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The History of Social Work by Mind Map: The History of Social Work

1. impact of religion

1.1. The desire to help other people is stressed by the major religions.

2. the Industrial Revolution

2.1. caused overcrowding, unemployment, and poverty

3. two primary roots of social work

3.1. The Charity Organization Society (COS)

3.1.1. Believed that the poor created their own problems and that they needed direction to correct the problem of poverty, but not financial assistance.

3.1.2. Sent out individuals, usually women, to poor homes to act as “friendly visitors.”

3.2. The settlement house movements

3.2.1. originated in cities in the 1890’s

3.2.2. offered social services to the urban poor, immigrants.

3.2.3. did not place emphasis on individual defects but pointed to “environmental factors of poverty"

4. Mary Richmond

4.1. One of the pioneers of social work

4.2. came out of the COS movement

4.3. was a key individual in the development of specialized training and education of those who engaged in charitable work.

5. Jane Addams

5.1. One of the individuals known in the settlement house movement

5.2. founded the Hull House in Chicago, Illinois

5.2.1. offered day care

5.2.2. a club for working girls

5.2.3. lectures and cultural programs

5.2.4. meeting space for neighbourhood political groups

5.2.5. provided nurseries, adult education classes, and recreational opportunities for children and adults

5.3. worked for reforms in city and workplace conditions in order to assist the poor communities