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voca.12/14 by Mind Map: voca.12/14

1. an example of a particular type of action or situation

1.1. instance

1.2. example, occasion

2. an idea about what someone should do or how someone should behave

2.1. suggestion

2.1.1. idea, proposal

3. to explain or decorate a story, book, with pictures

3.1. illustrate

4. a piece of writing

4.1. composition

5. the way that something feels when you touch it

5.1. feel, touch

5.2. texture

6. a quick, rough drawing that shows the main features of an object

6.1. draft, outline

6.2. sketch

7. the ability to imagine things that are not real

7.1. imagination

7.2. creativity, mind

8. very great in size or amount

8.1. enormous

8.2. gigantic, colossal

9. to try a new activity or a new way of doing or thinking about something

9.1. experimenting

9.2. testing, researching

10. the way someone's face looks that shows emotions and feelings

10.1. expression

10.2. face, character