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Progressive Park by Mind Map: Progressive Park

1. Publicity

1.1. Taking videos of the Park

1.1.1. Take pictures of the park

1.2. Make flyers and out them around the area were the theme park is based

1.3. But adverts on the side of busses and bus stops

1.4. Advertise the new Ride on the internet and anywere you can.

2. Roller Coaster

2.1. Virtual Reality

2.2. Allows riders to speed through different parts of the UK at various point in its history.

3. Advertisment

3.1. Take pictures of staff or people riding on the rides and the enjoyment what it brings to the poeple when riding and advertise that. Then more poeple would coem to the theme park because they have seen how much enjoymet other people are having on the rides.

4. Sections of the park

4.1. In a theme park you need different sections.

4.1.1. A section for the tennagers This section would have rides for the bigger people.

4.2. Kids section for the younger ages.

4.2.1. So in that area you could have rides for toddlers and babys so they can ahve fun to instead of the theme park been for just the older generation of poeple.