Reading Quiz p74 to the end

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Reading Quiz p74 to the end by Mind Map: Reading Quiz p74 to the end

1. Willy

1.1. Past

1.1.1. Had an affair with a Woman and Biff discovers it. While Biff is crying he yells at him and gives him an order. Biff is mostly angry about the fact that his father gave to the woman stockings.

1.1.2. Wants to know, by saying to Biff "are you spiting me?", if Biff is doing this to get back at him because he is mad at him and he wants to hurt him back. Also he is mad at Bernard because he didn't give the answers to Biff.

1.2. Today

1.2.1. After the restaurant, he plans to kill himself. He says "I see it like a diamond shining in the dark". He talks about the 20000$ his family will receive after his death.

1.2.2. He kills himself in a car crash, and no one show up to his funerals, except his nuclear family and Charley.

2. Linda

2.1. After the restaurant she calls her sons a "pair of animals" because they preferred to spend the night with girls they just met while their dad feels lonely. She doesn't want her sons to see Willy anymore.

3. Biff

3.1. Past

3.1.1. He went to Boston to tell his dad he flunked maths and he couldn't go to university.

3.2. Today

3.2.1. Went for a meeting with Oliver, but he doesn't seem to recognize Biff so Biff gets mad and steals a fountain pen. Biff has worked as a shipping clerk at the time, and Oliver told him that if he needs a job he will gets him one.

3.2.2. According to Biff, it's his fathers fault if he is unable to keep a job. Indeed, he explains that Willy always told him than anybody else, and when Biff had to face reality, he couldn't handle it.

4. Bernard

4.1. Past

4.1.1. Was trying to help Biff to make him graduate.

4.2. Today

4.2.1. Became a famous lawyer, arguing at the Supreme Court.