IDNE Course Sequence [post 2.5.21]

2021 Course sequence

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IDNE Course Sequence [post 2.5.21] by Mind Map: IDNE  Course Sequence  [post 2.5.21]

1. Essentials Day 1

1.1. 1.1 Tenant

1.1.1. Objectives: Configure an IdentityNow environment to acquire the skills necessary to establish and maintain: a. A multi-tenant environment b. Connection to authoritative sources c. User Identities and identity profiles d. User account aggregation and correlation e. User entitlements f. User invitations and email redirection g. Identity attribute mapping h. Virtual appliance status i. Security settings

1.1.2. Guiding Questions Add questions...

1.1.3. Overview of IdentityNow High-level description with accompanying graphics/animation. Workflow explanation IdentityNow Environments Company compliance and security Company efficiency - enabling access IT efficiency (productivity) Tenant 'Best Practices'

1.1.4. Virtual Appliance Connectivity Gateway Communication flow Best practices No DMZ, etc. New VA Clusters VA Administration System notifications Status

1.1.5. Security Settings Authentication settings Security questions Audit reporting Lockout Session management User preferences

1.1.6. Implementing IdentityNow Registration/Invitation in IdentityNow Invite users Review correlation with identities Viewing Identity Profiles Identity Attributes and entitlements Associated Apps Associated Roles Viewing Activity Define authoritative sources Source configuration Import source data into IdentityNow Identity Profiles Authoritative details Mapping Identity Profiles Provisioning with Lifecycle states Aggregate identities Account aggregation and correlation Aggregate entitlements and additional accounts Configure account correlation Extend Identity data Define Directory Source Uncorrelated Accounts

1.1.7. Environment Migration JDBC-based source [from Advanced]

1.1.8. Resources: Virtual Appliance Reference Guide System Requirements Optional Configurations Maintenance and monitoring information Troubleshooting tips and tools Compass Support

1.1.9. Up Next: Essentials 1.2 Manage Password Changes

1.2. 1.2 Manage Password Changes

1.2.1. Objectives: Configure Password Management policies by: a. Configuring password policies b. Configuring a source for password management c. Auditing password changes

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1.2.3. Password Polices Configure Password Policies Associate password policy with a source Password policy and definition Password synchronization groups Reverse password synchronization and intercept Changing Password Reset Password Audit password changes Helpdesk assisted password reset

1.2.4. Resources: Compass Support Password Management Demo Retrieved from HighSpot Friday January 22, 2021 From HighSpot (doc) More

1.2.5. Up Next: Essentials 1.3 Branding

1.3. 1.3 Branding

1.3.1. Objectives: Modify IdentityNow environment to match corporate standards by: a. Applying corporate branding to the IdentityNow user interface b. Configuring IdentityNow default email templates to match corporate identity

1.3.2. Guiding Questions Add Questions...

1.3.3. User Interface Branding Change product name Insert corporate logos/icons Modify colors of the UI

1.3.4. Email Branding Add icons/logos

1.3.5. Email Templates Access Request Decision Access Request Decision for Others Access Request for Other Access Request for Self Access Request Reassignment Access Request Reviewer

1.3.6. Resources: Compass Support Overview

1.3.7. Up Next: Essentials 2

2. Course Introduction

2.1. Course Introduction

2.1.1. Welcome Instructional/Design Team Who to contact with questions SailPoint Training Resources Listing/links to courses and recommended course sequences as well as QuickLearns Resources Terms you need to know (or review)

2.1.2. Getting Started: Before we begin... Course Prerequisites IdentityNow Introduction Introduction to IdentityNow Governance This Course is Designed for: Technical implementers Application Administrators Project Managers Those who need a general understanding Goals: 1. Configure an IdentityNow environment 2. Modify the IdentityNow environment to match corporate standards 3. Define Access Requests and User Roles 4. Configure Password Management policies 5. Define and Execute a Certification Campaign 6. Construct Search queries 7. Configure Provisioning 8. Define Separation of Duties (SoD) policies Course Map/Topics (Overview) [Graphic] Course Map (Sequence) Up Next: IdentityNow Architecture Review (optional)

2.2. IdentityNow Architecture Review (optional)

2.2.1. Objectives: Develop a working understanding of the IdentityNow architecture, including microservices and SaaS.

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2.2.3. Topics to be covered: You will review: What is a Multi-tenant SasS service? What is a microservice? What are the benefits of a multi-tenant, microservices SaaS Cloud Graphics (review) Data Residency Zones [?]

2.2.4. Resources Glossary Compass Support

2.2.5. Up Next: Essentials 1.1 Tenant