IPScan NAC V6.0

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IPScan NAC V6.0 by Mind Map: IPScan NAC  V6.0

1. IPScan NAC 2016

1.1. IPAM (SmartIP)

1.2. NAC (TruNAC)

1.2.1. NAC Agent

2. IPScan NAC 2017

2.1. IPAM (IPScan XE)

2.2. NAC (TruNAC)

2.2.1. NAC Agent

2.3. IPFARM (new)

2.4. CSI (new)

2.4.1. 무료 버전 (내PC지키미 IPScan) 내PC 지키미 Server (별도 설치) 내PC 지키미 Client

2.4.2. 상용 버전 (IPScan CSI) CSI Server (설정만 필요) CSI Agent