Electronic Device

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Electronic Device by Mind Map: Electronic Device

1. Television

1.1. Features: Transmission options, color, generate signal

1.2. Functions: you can watch TV from any connected device

1.3. Functions: you can connect the television to the internet

2. Cellular

2.1. Feature: Multi-core processor.

2.2. High definition display.

2.3. Force Touch / 3D Touch.

2.4. Superior storage.

2.5. High quality cameras.

2.6. Long battery life.

2.7. Functions: Photo

2.8. GPS


2.10. Communication

3. Camera

3.1. Features: Zoom range, resolution, color depth, Sensor size

3.2. Functions: you can capture and store photographs

3.3. backlight compensator

3.4. function knob

4. sound equipment